How To Dress For A Job Interview

Here are some general tips to follow if you're fretting about what to wear to your job interview.

  1. If you're not sure, just ask! If you don't know what the appropriate dress is for your interview, the human resources department will be happy to clue you in on their fashion atmosphere.

  2. Keep it clean (and wrinkle-free). It seems like obvious advice, but you don't want to walk into an interview with grass stains on your pants. And don't forget to iron those wrinkles out of your shirt!

  3. Be well-groomed. Your clothes aren't the only important element of your appearance.

    • Your hair should be clean, trimmed, and in place. Rolling out of bed with morning hair and straight into the car is a bad idea.
    • Men should be clean-shaven or have neatly-trimmed facial hair.
    • Make sure you're showered and smelling nice (but don't overdo it with the cologne/perfume). This means you should avoid smoking before the interview so the smell doesn't cling to your clothes.
    • Don't forget to brush your teeth! Mouthwash couldn't hurt, either.
    • Your fingernails should be trimmed, clean, and free of flashy nail polish.

How One Should Sit During The Job Interview?

The way you sit communicates a great deal about a whole range of issues, including how important you think the interview is, how nervous (or confident) you are, and your understanding of the underlying power relations. Some people's sitting position exudes over-familiarity and even arrogance, whereas others communicate a serious lack of self-belief. The golden rules in sitting are: avoid anything that will distract the interviewer from concentrating upon the content of your answers; and avoid making the interviewer feel uncomfortable. Interviewers generally do not feel comfortable if you sit in an aggressive way (leaning forward too much) or in an overly passive way (leaning back and crossing your legs at the thighs). In short, good sitting goes unnoticed by the interviewer.

Jawatan Kosong di SPAJ - Okt 09

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